Casual Friday (on Thursday): 4th of July

Fellow Patriots! Lend me your ears! This Casual Friday (served up on a Thursday, thanks to vacations days and a Holiday Weekend) goes out to my country, with a list themed around the good ‘ole red, white and blue.

This week’s list consists of:

  • This long list of patriotic cocktails for your drinking pleasure.
  • A (long) list of nail ideas (I like the polka dots the best, because they’re probably the most fool-proof, and I suck at nail art) inspired by ‘ole glory.
  • A mega-easy patriotic ice cream cake, also fool-proof.
  • Blog ideas for days about making outdoor parties awesome.
  • These red, white and blue deviled eggs (which are still kind of weird, but I’m fascinated).
  • An online store for all the 4th of July sassy t-shirts you’ll ever need (I’m considering ordering “Red, White & Boozed” due to it’s accuracy).
  • This taco salad flag that desperately needs to be accompanied with blue corn nacho chips. Muy bueno.
  • Red, white and blue Jell-O cups to DIY, (add vodka for an adult party, keep it out for the kiddos. Just don’t get them mixed up…)
  • And finally, if you don’t have time to order a t-shirt, you could just tie dye your own with this tutorial.

…That’s all I got!

From sea to shining sea, have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! (And if you’re reading this internationally, feel free to salute all the Americans that play on getting drunk of injured with fireworks this weekend. ‘Murica.)

~ M


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